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About Us


We are all unique and that’s why we are different. We admit that each person has a unique quality and we greatly appreciate this. Originality is the strength of the people we interact with everyday so we want to be original by selling as diverse and original products as possible.


Just as the world is always on the move we are avid after everything new and innovative. Permanently we want to connect with technology but at the same time to be in close harmony with the nature. In our projects we want to integrate the best ideas we have in order to be used in the benefit of the community.


We are grateful to all those with whom we are interacting day-to-day. We are grateful also to you, no matter if you are a customer, friend, vendor or collaborator! All the people we meet in our way have a role in our lives and we are deeply grateful for all the opportunities we had until now.

We are an innovative, active  and young team, always with a smile on our faces! We firmly support the fact that the basis of all the activities that we are engaged in have months or even years of research, analyzing, collecting and interpreting of the  data and of the market statistics. Data that we use to provide you with the best, innovative and informative programs, products and services.

Our idea was born in America and crossed continents until it arrived in Romania and Bulgaria. But not anywhere, but within a motivated, joyful team of initiatives and what is the most important workforce ever.

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We know that in order to be in shape you must be first in full harmony with your body&mind. Thus, starting from the body and ending with the spirit, all are interconnected. Even your smallest smile influences the decisions you make. Thats why it is very important to understant that you must take care of both: body and mind. You can take care of your body by having a healthy meal, making exercices, walking or by just beeing in shape and don’t forget the mind, through proper meditation, yoga and relaxation you can be in full connection with your mind and body. Most important, let’s not forget to read because that helps your mind to be helathy.


Our team members practiced performance sports from an early age, namely Cristina 🙂 and Florentina. Okay … at a much more professional level, Cristina, getting her fitness / aerobics instructor degree and practicing day by day. Throughout the years, and through research, it has been found that it is important to wear quality clothing when practicing sport or even when you are moving because they chlothes came into contact with the skin and as the body goes through a high effort they must fully support you in order to make the most of your workout or running/walking.

Our passion for sports and innovative solutions has gradually taken the form of an online business where women can find high quality sports articles in which they look and feel good. Choose day-to-day designs and colors designed to give you maximum comfort and train in style with us.

  • We are related to a common passion, namely: SPORT
  • We pray for the same thing: A HEALTHY WORLD
  • We are in continuous progress:  INNOVATION
  • Always with the eyes wide open: RESPONSIBLE AND ORGANIZED

We invite you to join our journey to a balanced and healthy lifestyle.