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Terms of use



The site AEROBICO.COM, hereinafter referred to as AEROBICO or AEROBICO.COM, is owned and managed by the company HYBRIDWORKS Inc., having its registered office in 137 Whitemarsh Court Murrells Inlet, South Carolina, 29576 United States.

Viewing the products and making the order implicitly is equivalent to understanding, reading and accepting the terms and conditions of this contract by the CLIENT / BUYER.

The Site Administrator reserves the right to change the content of this Agreement at any time without prior notice to the Clients.


AEROBICO- is the trade name with address in 137 Whitemarsh Court Murrells Inlet, South Carolina, 29576 United States.

Seller – HYBRIDWORKS Inc.,, having its registered office in 137 Whitemarsh Court Murrells Inlet, South Carolina, 29576 United States.

Buyer – individual / legal entity or any legal entity (who does / does not make an Account on the Site) who performs an Order via any means of communication provided by AEROBICO (electronic, telephone, etc.).

Site – domain and its subdomains.

User – any natural / legal person registered on the Site or who visits the site and has acknowledged the specific terms of the site in the Terms and Conditions section.

Username – a pseudonym by which a certain User / Client / Buyer can set it when it becomes a member, also called “User Name”, or it is automatically set in the Ordering Meaning.

Account – the section of the Site consisting of an email address (or username) and a password that allows the Buyer to send the Order and contains information such as delivery address and orders made.

Order – an electronic document that acts as a form of communication between the Seller and the Buyer through which the Customer expresses the intention to purchase goods or services on the site by making their payment (in the manner agreed upon by the Seller) and Seller sends it to the buyer.

Curier – a public or private lawyer acting as a courier under the law.

Goods and Services – any product or service available on the site.

Specifications – all descriptions and specifications / product and service information as specified in their presentation.

Contract – is the distance agreement between Seller and Buyer, without their simultaneous physical presence.

Campaign – a limited amount of time, set by the seller for a limited number of goods and products, exposed for commercial purposes.

Content – all information, data, descriptions posted on the site, or content of emails sent by Buyers to the Seller, any information communicated by any means by Seller or Buyer.

Comment – a written review by the buyer based on orders placed on the site regarding the quality and consistency of the products or services.

Document – these Terms and Conditions.

Commercial information or Newsletter – information or e-mail (e-mail, SMS) on the Goods and Services and / or the promotions, campaigns run by the Seller in a certain period.



2.1. Upon making an order, the Customer shall express his / her agreement with the agreed form of communication by the Seller, (either by telephone or by e-mail).

2.2 The notification received when making the Order is purely informative and does not represent its acceptance until you receive the final acceptance of the order and its processing. The contract is considered to be terminated when the Buyer receives the final delivery notification from the Seller.

2.3. We reserve the right not to deliver orders and large quantities and we reserve the right to change the quantity of goods and services. In this case, at the email address provided when ordering or by phone, we will provide you with this.

2.4 We reserve the right to select our clients, depending on their orders and honors, by default.



3.1. Orders within the site can be made by phone or by e-mail. Addresses, contact numbers are listed under “Contact”.

3.2 The product photos are for information purposes only and contain strictly the products described by AEROBICO in specifications and description, other accessories that are not specified but are in pictures are informative and are not included in the order.

3.3 The prices of the products or services presented on the website AEROBICO are expressed in $/EUR.

3.4 The information and descriptions of the products or services available on the site (images, specifications, presentations, videos) are made by the AEROBICO staff or are made available by the suppliers. Therefore, they are not a contractual obligation on our part, with a title of presentation and information. These may change at any time as a result of misunderstandings, errors, or other technical issues.

3.5 We do not guarantee the availability of the stock of all products, we may have various problems. Thus, some orders will be in a situation where they can not be honored. In this case, the Customer will be notified immediately by the Seller.

3.6. The Customer / Buyer performs the order via the website or through the means presented in art. 3.1, he declares that the data provided for the honoring and delivery of the order is true, correct and complete.

3.7. After finishing the order, the Customer agrees that the Seller will contact him, by the means provided in art. 3.1, in order to confirm the order (if any) or to resolve any issues arising in the course of this contract.


3.8. Buyer can change delivery dates for products / services within 3 hours after making the order by contacting the Seller beforehand, after this time the order is automatically processed and sent to the courier.

3.9. Apparel sizes. We offer you the table of sizes in the SIZE category, if you have further information after consulting this table, please contact us by phone or e-mail.

3.10. Registration on the AEROBICO site is not mandatory as you can order without registration, but membership can provide you with a wealth of benefits, such as: you’ll first know the discounts and campaigns running on the site through commercially transmitted messages, you will be able to receive e-mail / SMS information about stock clearances, limited edition products, free gifts, free shipping, and other benefits based on our targeted campaigns.

3.11. Upon purchase from the AEROBICO site, users can make reviews of the purchased products. They can refer to the utility of the product and its consistency. They can provide both positive and negative comments, provided they comply with the rules of coherent expression, use appropriate language, do not bring injuries to other members, and do not disclose personal information under this heading.

3.12. The Seller reserves the right to modify the Customer’s comments if it is not in accordance with this Act.

3.13. The buyer, by publishing the comment, agrees that the Seller will use, reproduce, adapt, translate or distribute the content of the comment for an undelivered and unlimited period as territory.

3.14. If the Customer does not comply with the Terms and Conditions, Seller reserves the right to block access and suspend the possibility of adding comments.


4.1. Finishing an order on the AEROBICO website, a tax invoice will be issued with the data provided by the customer.

4.2. The price of the products, the payment method and the delivery are specified for each product in the AEROBICO site.

4.3 The Buyer undertakes to provide the Seller with accurate, up-to-date, conforming and true information that is necessary for the issuance of the tax invoice according to the USA and EU legislation.

4.4. The prices displayed on the website aerobico contain VAT, processing fee (if applicable) and transport (if applicable) according to the legislation in force.

4.5. The invoice is delivered to the purchaser via the courier or by electronic means, according to his preferences, if the Customer does not express his preferences before making an order, he agrees that the invoice is delivered to him by electronic mail at the email address provided at the time of registration or order.


4.6. If, for reasons of negligence, error or other technical reasons, the Customer has not received the Buyer’s invoice, this must be reported to the following e-mail address: , or by phone NUMBER HERE, or you can check if the invoice is found in the customer account (if the customer opted for registration and an account).

4.7. The Buyer can modify the billing data of the products / services within a maximum of 30 calendaristic days (1 month), respectively in the month in which the order was made, by contacting the Seller in advance. Changing the invoice, billing data involves canceling the invoice originally issued and issuing another invoice with the new billing data.

4.8. In this moment our company AEROBICO agrees the following payment methods:

– credit card;


-cash on delivery;

-bank transfer.

4.9. There is no minimum order value, but limitations may be imposed depending on the products ordered (eg from a product category that can order 2 pieces).


5.1. The content of the site AEROBICO, as defined in the preamble, can not be used, reproduced, transmitted, published, transferred without the consent of the owner and used for purposes other than the lawful ones.

5.2. Customer is not permitted to copy, distribute or transfer, modify the content of AEROBICO.COM for any purpose other than the one for which it was made. Taking pictures, texts or any other insignia belonging to AEROBICO, changing the content and descriptions is done with the written consent of AEROBICO, because some article / images include copyright.

5.3. Various images / descriptions / specifications on the AEROBICO site are used with the consent of the owners or under the license base.

5.4. If AEROBICO offers Visitors / Clients / Buyers the right to use different signs, written consent will be limited to their use for the period specified in the document received without further use and without denigrating the AEROBICO image.

5.5. Visitors / Customers / Buyers can not copy or use the Site Content for commercial purposes, its use may only be made for personal or non-commercial purposes, subject to the provisions of this Agreement.

5.6. Use of the Content for purposes other than those expressly provided in this Agreement are strictly prohibited and subject to applicable copyright laws.


6.1. AEROBICO may subcontract / assign this contract / agreement to other third parties, in order to honor the orders, without the Customer’s consent but notifying it.




7.1. Products purchased / ordered from the AEROBICO site can be returned, according to the legislation in force within 14 calendaristic days of their purchase (upon receipt).

7.2. Products can be returned only by prior notification to the Seller and by completing the return form (provided by our operators). The legislation in force applies to individuals.

7.3. The product may be returned subject to our requirements as well as by knowing if the product is eligible for return, in accordance with Chapter 8 of this Agreement.

7.4. The costs of returning the product (round-trip) will be borne by the Buyer.

7.5. If the product returned by you is eligible (there is information about return on each product page), no traces of wear, damage, is returned in the original package, with all accessories included, intact labels, accompanying documents, if applicable together with the gift received, the money will be reimbursed within 14 days to an account indicated by you when completing the return form).

7.6. If any differences are found between the originally delivered product, replacements, damage, or the products / services are not presented with all original documents and labels, Seller may postpone the refund and refuse to receive the product. The direct return costs of products fall into your charge.

7.7. If, within 14 days of receipt of the refund request, the product / service has not arrived at the Seller, it will defer the reimbursement of the amount until receiving the product and inspecting it.

7.8. Your money coming from a return can be used to order another product of equal or greater value (by paying the difference by reimbursement), provided that the order is made by phone or by e-mail.


You can not refund the following product / service categories:

8.1. Providing products / services performed according to customer’s specifications or customized;

8.2. Intimate underwear, bathing suits or other products that can not be returned for hygiene and health reasons;

8.3. Products and Goods that deteriorate fast;

8.4. Products or Goods that are sealed and have been unsealed by the Buyer;

8.5. Products or Services that can not be returned for reasons of health and hygiene.


9.1. The seller delivers the goods purchased by the Buyer by courier, door-to-door system.

9.2. The order is delivered exclusively by express courier, other ways of transmitting it are not approved by our company.

9.3. The AEROBICO site does not have a showroom. The products are purchased strictly online.

9.4. Depending on the products ordered, the delivery term is specified for each product. The order arrives to you as soon as we hand over the order to the courier. The delivery term will be specified in the order confirmation email and can be shortened or extended depending on the weather conditions or the legal holidays. Details of these inconveniences will be communicated in a timely manner.


9.5. The courier officially approved by our company AEROBICO is USPS.

9.6. Both the seller and the courier guarantee proper packaging of the products.


10.1. The goods and services marketed by AWROBICO, benefit from the guarantee, according to their type, according to the legislation in force. The goods and products marketed by AEROBICO are new, sealed, labeled and licensed by each supplier / manufacturer.

10.2. Warranty certificates are issued directly by the manufacturer or by the AEROBICO. Guarantee certificates include details about the products and the terms and conditions for each product.

10.3. To qualify for the warranty, the product must meet the specifications and criteria stated on the warranty certificate, and you must also present the receipt together with the purchase invoice.

10.4. If the warranty certificate has not been issued or you have not received it, this must be notified to the Seller within 2 (two) days of receipt of the order. If the Customer does not meet the specified deadline, subsequent notifications are not considered.


11.1. All information provided by the Buyer / Client / User to the Seller is strictly confidential and is used for the purpose of performing and processing the contract (Order). This information is not transferred and remains in the possession of the Seller.

11.2. Buyer / Client / User through the registration and execution of the account, acknowledges the Terms and Conditions of the site AEROBICO and offers its consent according to the legislation in force, to be contacted by the AEROBICO employees in order to provide the services / products, third parties parties – AEROBICO partners, tourism service providers or insurance services, as well as other agreed AEROBICO partners.


12.1. Information, promotional messages, and other AEROBICO messages are issued by employees of AEROBICO – Department of Marketing and Advertising. Thus, confidentiality and security of information is guaranteed.

12.2. You have the right at the time of registration as a member to specify whether you want to receive information or not.

12.3. You may at any time give up the information that the AEROBICO sends by email to .

12.4. Promotional campaigns are provided by AEROBICO to Customers by sending information or providing special discount codes. These campaigns are performed for the time specified by the Seller and the products chosen by the Seller.

12.5. A promotional code can only be used once on a single order. Codes do not cumulate with other discounts or other promotional codes.

12.6. The campaign may be interrupted by the AEROBICO at any time during its advancement.


12.7. Vouchers – promotional coupons. Vouchers issued by AEROBICO are identified by a code of numbers and letters and are valid for a particular product category or for all products, depending on the details written on it.

12.8. If the client tries to cheat the site AEROBICO by fraudulent means, this attempt will be brought to the attention of the competent authorities.

12.9. The contest – the time period, which, by fulfilling certain conditions, will win certain products offered free of charge by the Seller. The Rules of Contests are set by the Seller in accordance with applicable law.

12.10. Any attempt to win contests by fraudulent means leads to the disqualification of the competitor, respectively to the notification of the competent authorities.


13.1. For notifications about the products / services purchased or for the functionality of the site, please contact us in order to provide you with the referral form, or you can download it from here.

13.2. For complaints about purchased products / services or other issues arising in connection with AEROBICO staff, please contact us by phone at PHONE NUMBER HERE or by e-mail at

13.3. For suggestions regarding our products / services or any kind of referral, please contact us by phone at PHONE NUMBER HERE, by e-mail at or filling in the notification form here.

13.4. The resolution of reclamations and complaints is made in the order they are received. The maximum term is 30 calendaristic days from their receipt.


14.1. AEROBICO (“AEROBICO.COM” or is registered in the Register of personal data processing.

14.2. According to the law in force AEROBICO has the obligation to administer safely and only for the specified purposes, the personal data that you provide us about you.

14.3. The categories of personal data processed are: name and surname, sex, date and place of birth, civil status data, telephone / fax, address (home / residence), e-mail, profession, job, training, habitual / preferences / behavior and geolocation data / traffic data.

14.4. The purpose of data collection is to validate, dispatch and bind orders to customers / members (Buyers), resolve cancellations or any kind of issues related to an order or contract (to the services or products purchased), to inform the clients / members (Buyers) the situation of their AEROBICO account, informing users / clients about the status of orders, evaluation of products and services offered, economic and financial management, electronic communications services, commercial activities, promotion of products and services, marketing, advertising, administrative, market development and research as well as statistics.

14.5. By filling in your data on the Account Creation and / or Order form, you declare that you unconditionally accept that your personal data is included in the AEROBICO database and you expressly and unequivocally agree that all such personal data be stored, used and processed unlimitedly, territorially and / or temporarily by the AEROBICO, affiliates and their collaborators for the deployment and / or running by the AEROBICO, affiliates and their collaborators of the activities presented above. (see Data Collection Purpose).

14.6. Refusing to provide these data makes it impossible to honor Orders.

14.7. You hereby acknowledge that you are guaranteed the rights provided by the law, namely the right to information, the right of access to data, the right to intervene, the right of opposition, the right not to be subjected to an individual decision, the right to appeal to justice in case of violation of its rights for the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and the free circulation of such data.

14.8. You also have the right to oppose the processing of your personal data and to request their total or partial deletion from our database.

14.9. This may be possible on the basis of a written, signed and dated request, with full details of the applicant, sent to HYBRIDWORKS Inc, – Address: 137 Whitemarsh Court Murrells Inlet, South Carolina, 29576 United States.

137 Whitemarsh Court Murrells Inlet, South Carolina, 29576 United States.

, you can exercise, free of charge, the following rights:

  • Ask if your data is processed or not;
  • Intercept / make changes to the transmitted data;
  • Express your disagreement on data processing with legitimate and legitimate reasons (depending on the situation presented);
  • The right to ask for the deletion of the data (except in the circumstances provided by the law);

14.10. Our company does not like SPAM. If the customer agrees, AEROBICO may send commercial notifications of current offers by e-mail or SMS, gift coupons and commercial messages according to your options.

14.11. AEROBICO does not require users to give confidential information by phone / email or other means, such as bank data, passwords, or other personal data. In the case of the disclosure of these data by the client to other persons (third parties), the latter bears full responsibility for future or present damages and AEROBICO can not be held liable for any kind of damage.

14.12. AEROBICO may provide your personal data to other companies with which it is affiliated under their confidentiality commitment to ensure that such data is kept secure and that the provision of such personal information is made in accordance with applicable law, as follows: Courier, payment / banking services, other companies with which we can develop joint programs for our services, insurers.

14.13. Personal information may be provided as a result of a request expressly made by: the Police, the Courts, the state bodies, the Prosecutor’s Office, within the limits of the legal provisions.


15.1. The parties are relieved of liability in the partial or total execution of this contract in the event of the occurrence of major force causes under the law.

15.2. If within 15 days force majeure does not stop, the parties have the right to withdraw from the Contract without one of them claiming damages.



16.1. If some of the clauses of the Agreement become or are declared invalid, the validity of the other clauses will not be affected.

16.2. The agreement will be interpreted in accordance with the laws in the United States.

16.3. The Parties will make every effort to settle amicably, through direct discussions, any misunderstanding or dispute that may arise between them within or in connection with the fulfillment of the agreement.

16.2. If, after 15 days from the start of these negotiations, the parties fail to settle a contractual dispute amicably, each may request that the dispute be settled by the competent courts in the USA.