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We can talk all day about the Athleisure phenomenon because the only thing we can do is to like it! It is obvious, right?

Today we are talking about how we can integrate sport leggings into everyday wear, more exactly how to wear them when you are not at the gym! Yes, you read it well, when you are NOT at the gym! For more than 3 to 4 years, the athletics phenomenon has grown so much because of the qualities and comfort that sports leggings provide when you wear them.

Beginning with the Fashion Weeks from NY till Milan, big designers, Hollywood celebrities and ending on street fashion the phenomenon was widely discussed and very quickly accepted.

What we believe is that the activewear phenomenon deserves a better place in the first rows because more and more people are starting to buy sport articles for everyday wear.

We are here to help you and we want to offer you some tips in order to invest in a pair of sport leggings that can be integrated into both casual and sport wear.

Remember these small tricks and apply them when appropriate:

  1. Invest your money in basic articles.Invest in items that you can easily combine – whether it’s a bustier or a pair of leggings choose neutral colors that can be easily combined with a casual or stylish look.
  2.  Choose your accessories with style.

    If it’s too much makes it look bad, so be careful when accessing your sportswear – a pair of glasses, a jeans jacket, a hat or a leather jacket can instantly turn your sport outfit into a street style one. You have to be creative, dare to do it!

  3. Keep up with trends.

    Thinking that in sports is not like in fashion industry? Pay attention to the quality of the materials used to make the sports leggings, if they are made of a too thick material for the outside heat and you risk to sweat or if the style does not match with the accessories you will catch the attention of people – in a negative way. Everything is in the details, before applying this technic Gym-to-Street make sure you have all the knowledge in the field and do not risk too much.

    We hope that our advices has helped you, because we will recommend you bellow three pairs of sport leggings that you can easily integrate in your outfits!

    High-waisted leggings with metallic look – here

    High-waisted leggings with second-skin effect – here

    Sport leggings Purple sublimation for yoga – here

    Until next time, we look forward to receive #AerobicoGirls photos to be posted on Instagram with the hashtag #GymtoStreetLook.

Shine girl!


Aerobico Team

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