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How To Wear A Legging The Right Way?

Leggings represent a fashionable piece of clothing today because of the convenience in wearing them.  Of course, the question here is: are the leggings a fashion item for wearing them on the street or no?

If you can style them well, leggings can be worn at any time of the day, whether you are at home, at the gym or on the street. It is often said that wearing them inappropriate can convey certain messages. We know that it is not like that and that we are wearing them because we like it and it makes us feel good while wearing them because the freedom of movement they offer.

If so…how we integrate the leggings in our outfits?

If we decide to get dressed in leggings, then we should wear a blouse or sweater…or at least something that covers our back. In this way, we will not have all eyes on us :).

The black leggings go with a blouse in lighter colors, the colored/ombre leggings goes with an open piece of clothing, while the ones with crazy designs can match with a monochrome blouse. You can always try a casual-chic combination: basic leggings black or white with long-sleeved t-shirts and blazer (or even a denim jacket) and a pair of shoes without heels or sport shoes. And voila, your OOTD is ready to rock the day!

What to wear while working out?

In the gym things are a lot easier and the leggings can match with other sporting items such as a top or a tank. Of course, depending on the type of sport practiced, we can choose different models or different materials.

Leggings are also an excellent item for yoga classes, allowing us to feel good and focused on exercises and not on the fact that we feel the leggings too tightening or too short – in one word uncomfortable.

Long or short leggings?

Capri pants? Short leggings or long leggings? You can choose any of them and they can  be worn without any problems. You can wear them in the house or  in the gym but pay attention you can’t wear the short leggings on the street! If you have long legs, you can wear capri pants, otherwise it is advisable to wear leggings with length to the ankle. It is better if the shoes are some moccasins or boots/casual shoes.

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