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You buy shoes frequently, right? Well, the same thing you should do with the sport bras. Just as you think you should have a new pair of shoes, you should think about whether the sport bra you currently have is adapted to your needs.

Tell us,  honestly when it was the last time you thought about it? The truth is that a sport bra does not fit every type of training, so it needs to be changed according to the intensity of the training and the exercises you perform.

If you are doing regular training and  you haven’t thought of it before, we think that is time to give yourself a moment of relax and think about your health and your breast’s health. The sport bra is an indispensable accessory from the sport lovers’ wardrobe, so it needs to be changed according to the training you perform.

Let’s take yoga as example – you have to wear a sport bra that is suited to this style and the best option is one stitchless made of sorbtek material – A fitness bra like Butterfly Bamboo Racerback is what gives you freedom of movement and comfort while taking the right positions of yoga.

We know that the most practiced exercices are the physical exercises  like running so one sport bra which supports the bust while performing high or medium  intensity exercices is ideal. We recommend a sport bra that provides bust support and has inner cups to diminish the impact on your breasts from the exercises you are doing.

Out today’s recommendation is the Sport Adjustable Racerback bra with the adjustable straps, that provides a good support for the bust and is perfect for intense fitness classes.

If is case for aerobic classes, would you like to wear the buster with top bra? Or maybe integrated into another combination? Wait a minute! We have the perfect bustier for you, it’s almost as fine as your favorite pajamas. You don’t believe us?

The sporty Striped Adjustable Bra provides a good body support, can be worn both with/over the shirt and  also simply as a bra. It is made of spandex and sorbtek, fine and elastic material created especially for aerobic classes.

We recommend that you make no compromises when it comes to your health! Be aware of the latest information or simply pay more attention to the equipment you wear. We are just a click away and we can give you all the information you need.

Let us know if the information we provide help you! Simply send us a message or subscribe to our newsletter!

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Aerobico Team

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