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As you have already seen, our items (leggings, bras, tanks…) that are sold by us #Aerobico have spandex material in their composition. So, it is normal for you to ask: What is Spandex?

According to Wikipedia, elastan or spandex is a synthetic fiber know for its high elasticity, invented in 1959 by the chemist Joseph Shivers. The American company DuPont patented its invention in 1959 and gave the brand name know as Lycra. We are sure that now you know about what we are talking here, right?

It’s  main properties are to give higher elasticity and quality than other similar materials on the market.

The spandex material is used in combination with other fibers to make fabrics  in order to produce intimate lingerie, woman’s socks and many other items.  Also you can find it panties as well as sports and swimwear. Thanks to its elastic properties, it offers freedom of movement and the athletes love it.

So…spandex is an material with excellent properties for the manufacture of leggings, bustier/bra and other athletic clothing products.

His main characteristics are:

-Spandex can be expanded up to 600% without breaking;

-Spandex can stretch many times and it will always return to its original form;

-Spandex is an material which dries quickly.

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